The Parent Portal

What Is The Parent Portal?

This is a support system for all parents. With tips and tricks on getting children to sleep, dealing with picky eaters, coping with being a bonus parent, nurturing your relationship as well as your children, and one of the most important ones – your own self care. This network offers everything you as a parent could need for some guidance, reassurance, company and community.

It is so easy for one parent to judge another. But not here. We are all in this together and this portal will always be a place where parents can confidently seek any support they may need.

A Sneak Peek At Resources

To Know More About Homestead Hippie, Get In Touch With Us

Find out if Homestead Hippie is right for you! Ask any questions you have and a team member will be in touch.

The At Home Survival Kit

Designed for those crisis schooling during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Access £1 resources to help children at home understand why things have changed.

The ultimate family hub for holistic education and practical homeschooling. Access hundreds of resources designed to make educating children fit into your lifestyle.

All resources are based upon the deeper life teachings children need. Suitable for homeschooling and extra curricular activities for children in the school system.

Contact Us

St. Albans Office
54-56 Victoria St, St Albans AL1 3HZ

[email protected]

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