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Our Facebook group also gives homeschoolers a place where they can share their experiences, find support, discuss homeschooling topics, and find more information on homeschooling rules and laws.

Providing your children a well-rounded education, especially in the current environment, is essential to their success in the future.

The world is changing rapidly, which means traditional ways of learning are not enough to help children become well-educated and well-rounded individuals.

Here at Homestead Hippie, we promote a holistic or natural way of learning to address a child’s emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs. Our programs aim to help homeschoolers how to reflect on their actions and learn from the surrounding community.

If you’re a first-time homeschooler or if you have never heard of “holistic learning” until today, that’s where we come in. We set up a community where homeschoolers like you can offer and seek advice!